Maker Faire 2012 wrap up + more from Joey Hudy!

We're just getting back to normal operations following Maker Faire 2012. What a great time! Thanks to all of you who came by and crossed our palms with geld and swiped your cards in exchange for hot, fresh ties. It was a pleasure to meet all of you! Special hello to all of our kid printers - you all did a great job - and to Joey Hudy who stopped by to say hello on a break of his tour showing his amazing Extreme Marshmallow Canon. 

Such clever kids make it a rare pleasure. Next time, we'll have a set up to raise the kids to an adult-sized table - thus hopefully sparing Bethany the locked up back the day after the Faire! All in all, though, a really great, lighthearted, fun time. We truly loved meeting some future-makers, as well as the current makers and maker fans.

Here it is in pictures!

The calm before -and after- the storm.
Dogged by rain! Accidental pedicure soak.
Flooded FaireMore Flooded Faire

The lovely display! The lovely people! The ROBOT POSTERS!
First lesson And up!

And down...

...right down. And the finished poster!
Now girls represent. Strong arms! Et voila!
Xavier's turn A smooth beginning.
A perfect print! And no spillage.
A wonderful start to our Faire weekend. And just when we thought we had a pretty good handle on how cool it was going to be this year, it got cooler. We had a return visit from our friend Xavier who brought us a present.

We love it! Thanks, Xavier!

It eased the annoyance of a troublesome sign that insisted on demonstrating gravity all over our booth, and no ladder in sight! In true Maker Faire fashion, we made do.

See you in 2013, Maker Faire!

Before we go, a big thanks to Julie-Williams Hudy for sending us a few more great shots of Joey sporting our Short Circuit tie for kids.

Waiting for the POTUS. Imagine.

Joey and the ageless and magnificent BILL NYE!
(Should we send him a bow tie?)
Joey at home showing us some love. We love you back!

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