Rust Belt Holiday Hours

We've been hearing from a few people that they can't make it on the weekends to our home at the Rust Belt Market. Well, for the holiday season, we've got you covered. Check out the extended hours! You can schedule pickups by just placing your order and emailing us to let us know. We'll refund your postage charges and have your order ready and waiting for pickup. We even gift wrap each order. If you get ties for more than one person, we can even wrap them individually for $2 after the first. We use our signature unbleached, recycled kraft tissue and butcher's string and when you pick up, you also get a cute black paper bag with raffia handles, ready to hand over to the lucky recipient - even if it's you!

Also note our hours on the 29th - great for a last minute purchase of a holiday tie, like our Champagne and Caviar bow tie. Want one? Let us know!

Here are the times for those Rust Belt extended holiday hours:

November 29th, Black Friday Shopping: 11-7
November 30th, Small Business Saturday: 11-7 
December 1st: 11-6
December 6th: 5pm-9pm
December 7th: 11-7
December 8th: 11-6
December 13th: 5pm-9pm
December 14th: 11-7 
December 15th: 11-6 
December 16th: 11-7 
December 17th: 11-7 
December 18th: 11-7 
December 19th: 11-7 
December 20th: 11-7 
December 21st: 11-7 
December 22nd: 11-6 
December 23rd: 11-7 
December 24th: 11-3pm 
December 28th: 11-7

CityLoft In Progress!

Mr. Paris reporting for duty at the Somerset Collection CityLoft event.

Thursday was a smash - thanks to all that came by! Albert's ready to see you again today, and tomorrow - get over to CityLoft before the tree lighting begins and grab some beauties. Some colorways only available here!

1261 Woodward Avenue at the corner of Grand River and Woodward, Detroit! It's open 11am - 9pm.


Our Booth at StyleShack at Somerset Collection CityLoft in Detroit!

A sneak peek at our booth in CityLoft - at the corner of Grand River & Woodward in Detroit!

We were asked, and we excitedly accepted the offer to join the Somerset Collection CityLoft for their opening weekend, via an invitation for StyleShack & The Gift Insider.

It's running from Thursday through Saturday only and then we're out, leaving the Somerset Collection vendors in peace at last! Come riot with us before you check out the Christmas tree lighting on Friday night. Albert will be there all weekend, with spot-help from Xat, and they love company - particularly company that wears our ties. Check out our super sale case of $15 ties, and scoop some brand new designs as well as some of our regular stock in some exciting new colorways. Nothing beats seeing the real thing.

And have a look at that beautiful tie display in the middle top part of the booth - custom made by Bethany the night before opening! It was just the thing to finish the display set up by Johnny and Xat, and it'll be adapted for our Rust Belt shop once this event has run. 

Check out the info below and stop on by! Lots of other great vendors with the best gift ideas in the D.


New Signs at the Cyberoptix TieLab booth in the Rust Belt Market!

We clocked a ridiculous number of hours making these signs, but we're smitten. And we're pretty sure you can see them from space. (Hello, Neil!) Letters drawn and cut by Johnny and the arrows, assembly and aaaall of those holes drilled for aaaall of those light bulbs by Bethany, each pushing the safety limits of sleep deprivation and power tools - but LOOK at them.

Our two shop boys, Xat and Albert, are ready to receive your tie custom for custom ties (oh!). Catch one or both every weekend at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, MI at the corner of Woodward and Nine Mile.


Our Forever Home at the Rust Belt Market

Our new spot at the Rust Belt Market. Photo by Chris Best.

While we absolutely enjoyed our trial run at the Rust Belt in their checkin booth, we're elated to have our new home. Built out by Chris Best and dressed and decorated by Johnny and Manzin, it was full tilt work for two days, but we think it's worth it. 

Vintage wood flooring, and the guts of a tube television set in the wall and framed, pigeonholes made from reclaimed wood and our trademark vintage cases and steamer trunks can be seen here, and hiding up in the dark, our vintage taxidermy goat sporting our Woodward Ave tie. The Rust Belt Market is in fact at the corner of Woodward and Nine Mile in Ferndale, MI and it's well worth checking out. Come stop by, check out our $5 and $10 bin of oddi-ties and have a wander around the rest of the market. It's open Saturdays and Sundays from 11am. 


Cyberoptix at the Rust Belt Market!

Cyberoptix TieLab setting up at the Rust Belt Market, Ferndale, MI. Photo by Chris Best

We're proud to be a part of the Rust Belt Market, the local haven for work by local artists and makers. I've often heard it described as 'It's like the best of Etsy exploded' and while we can definitely see the point, there's a lot more to it than that. 50+ makers and vendors of vintage and original artists circle an event space that hosts everything from special sales days to beautiful indie weddings to live music of several genres. 

Because it's relatively unique for the area, it's often confused with a flea market or antique mall but the sellers are hand picked according to quality. It was an honor to set up there and we look forward to a long relationship with Chris and Tiffany Best, the owners and caretakers of this extraordinary space. Come visit us and see all of the other superb vendors and friendly people, and spread the word!

The Rust Belt Market is located at 22801 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, Michigan 48220 and is open regularly on Saturdays from 11-7 and Sundays from 11-6. There will be extended holiday hours. Stay tuned and visit the website for more information.


Eastern Market After Dark 9/20/12

The Detroit Design Festival presents Eastern Market After Dark, a tour of the creative side. Eastern Market is often recognized as the food hub of Detroit, bustling with Saturday morning shoppers and specialty grocery stores. After dark a different hustle takes over the neighborhood, a creative movement hidden in lofts, studios and galleries living in the market. 

The night tour will take guests into studios, galleries, artists’ residencies, hacker spaces, shops and letterpress studios.

The tour will give guests a chance to explore the market often not experienced. Allowing for a sneak peak into a creative community that works late nights and early mornings to create on every level. The tour will stop at over ten locations in the market, opening their doors for workshops, shopping and viewing. 

Studio doors will open at 7p.m. and close at 11p.m. Come see us!
Locations include:
- Red Bull House of Art
- Cyberoptix Tie Lab
- Salt & Cedar
- Signal Return
- Detroit Mercantile Company
- Division Street Boutique
- OmniCorp Detroit
- fo2la
- 1480 Gallery
- Art Effect Gallery
- Workroom Detroit
- Frontera
- NNII International Gallery
- And more...

Thursday, September 20
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Facebook Event
Eastern Market After Dark
Sounds for the evening provided by House of Art artist, Red Bull Music Academy Alumni and "Punk Rock Warlord," Jeff Risk.

Press release:

More than 15 creative residents of Eastern Market will open their studios, shops and spaces on Sept. 20, 2012, for Eastern Market After Dark a Detroit Design Festival event produced by Arsenal. The all-ages event will run from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and is free of admission. A shuttle will provide transportation between  the participating locations.
            Audiences are welcome to explore the following galleries: 1480 Gratiot Gallery, Red Bull House of Art and Derrick May’s Transmat. The silk-screening shops, Aptemal Clothing and Cyberoptix Tie Lab, will also be open to the public for the first time ever.
Bethany Shorb, founder of Cyberoptix Tie Lab, will provide a sneak peak into her latest artwork for her upcoming solo exhibition at 323 East Gallery on Oct. 13, 2012.
            Gregory Holm’s newest project, Frontera will provide an environmental aspect to the evening. “The event takes guests on a multi-sensory journey of architecture, food, and instillation that references the original period of the building, currently in the process of reconstruction,” says Holm. The performance begins at 8:30 p.m. Donations will be accepted.
             The fashion collective, Workroom, will present a runway show at 10:30 p.m. Longtime Market resident Michelle Andonian and Luis Resto will present a collaborative piece featuring photography and live music in Resto’s studio. The Nick Speed Orchestra will perform at Bert’s Warehouse at 11:30 p.m. as part of the official after-party.
             For more information, contact Nina Marcus-Kurlonko at (810) 417-2510 or nmarcuskurlonko@gmail.com 


Maker Faire 2012 wrap up + more from Joey Hudy!

We're just getting back to normal operations following Maker Faire 2012. What a great time! Thanks to all of you who came by and crossed our palms with geld and swiped your cards in exchange for hot, fresh ties. It was a pleasure to meet all of you! Special hello to all of our kid printers - you all did a great job - and to Joey Hudy who stopped by to say hello on a break of his tour showing his amazing Extreme Marshmallow Canon. 

Such clever kids make it a rare pleasure. Next time, we'll have a set up to raise the kids to an adult-sized table - thus hopefully sparing Bethany the locked up back the day after the Faire! All in all, though, a really great, lighthearted, fun time. We truly loved meeting some future-makers, as well as the current makers and maker fans.

Here it is in pictures!

The calm before -and after- the storm.
Dogged by rain! Accidental pedicure soak.
Flooded FaireMore Flooded Faire

The lovely display! The lovely people! The ROBOT POSTERS!
First lesson And up!

And down...

...right down. And the finished poster!
Now girls represent. Strong arms! Et voila!
Xavier's turn A smooth beginning.
A perfect print! And no spillage.
A wonderful start to our Faire weekend. And just when we thought we had a pretty good handle on how cool it was going to be this year, it got cooler. We had a return visit from our friend Xavier who brought us a present.

We love it! Thanks, Xavier!

It eased the annoyance of a troublesome sign that insisted on demonstrating gravity all over our booth, and no ladder in sight! In true Maker Faire fashion, we made do.

See you in 2013, Maker Faire!

Before we go, a big thanks to Julie-Williams Hudy for sending us a few more great shots of Joey sporting our Short Circuit tie for kids.

Waiting for the POTUS. Imagine.

Joey and the ageless and magnificent BILL NYE!
(Should we send him a bow tie?)
Joey at home showing us some love. We love you back!


Congrats to Joey Hudy!

Skilled young maker Joey Hudy has been doing tours of Maker Faires around the country, and we met him at the Detroit Maker Faire! A clever and engaging young man, with his awesome invention, the Extreme Marshmallow Canon. 

He even got to demonstrate it to President Barack Obama. Congrats, Joey! And thanks so much for picking us to be your tie makers and coming by to say hello to us! Check Joey out wearing his Short Circuit tie with the POTUS.

Joey Hudy and President Barack Obama. Photo by Susan Walsh/AP

Joey Hudy and President Barack Obama. Photo by Susan Walsh/AP

Joey Hudy and President Barack Obama. Photo by Susan Walsh/AP

Joey Hudy and President Barack Obama. Photo by Saul Loeb.